Blog Post 24!

Dear world of blogging,

Yesterday, we had a group meeting to share all of our research and make a final plan of the presentation. This gave us all an idea as to what structure our presentation would take. As a group we decided that we would talk about each others sections to make the presentation fluid, instead of segmented.  This was harder than we expected as everyone was so passionate about their own research (which, may I add is GREAT.)

We have decided upon 4 sub sections; them being, What the subject is, Why we use the skill, how we use it, and What the issues are that arise in practice concerning the skill? However, we thought that this may make a negative impact on the readers, as we would leave them with a negative view on the key skills. We decided that we are going to end the presentation on a positive aspect to the skills.

Looking at the deadline for the presentation, we have been working to a time scale, leaving us 3 weeks to practice the presentation. Therefore, we have arranged a series of meetings to make sure the presentation is completed for the 29th November.

Until next time Bloggers! (Paige)




Blog Post 23!

12285608_1104459979565246_804476642_nHellooooo Bloggers!

Well we are sooooo excited right now! we have hijacked the library presentation area and have been here since yesterday :p! At the moment, there is Zack, Paige and Kavita (megan came yesterday). Personally, I am so excited to get this presentation going, all the research links with one another and I’m really enjoying our group sessions! I feel like I have a sound understanding of reflective practice and could write a whole essay on it. I would like to thank MMU for having such good facilities – also the SU is great for a few snacks and drinks 😉

really need to get back to work, see you all soon! Kpatel x


Blog Post 22!

Afternoon world of blogging,

To start of with, i am extremely sorry the blogging has become a bit in-active recently. We have been really busy with work and revision however, these past few days i have progressed a lot on the Practitioners Presentation. I have been looking into the codes of proficiency on the HCPC and BACP and found a lot of points. In the presentation, we have to include reputable references such as books and journals. Therefore, i have been looking a lot into journals on the MMU Library website and have found some really relevant and interesting ones especially about the Milgram study. However, i think that reading journals more often is something i need to include in my reflective practice, as i this will help me in my end of year exams.

As you know, we have assigned different sections such as, reflective practice and active listening; we felt that this was an effective way of getting the research collected more efficiently. We then realised that if we did it that way it might come across as 4 different powerpoint presentations (which is not good!), therefore we are having a group meeting on monday. This is so we can go through all of the information together and get a clear understanding and so that we can talk about each other’s research. We have decided instead of putting all of our information on the slides, we are going to get some cue cards and each have a copy of all the slides information so it flows better.

We have also arranged 2 meetings on monday night and wednesday so we can make sure that we are prepared for the day. I found a checklist on moodle, which will help us a lot during the preparation for presenting. I feel that if we get the presentation completed and ready to start practicing by wednesday, we will be confident on the day and the presentation will run smoothly and this will positively impact our grade. I have uploaded an image of the checklist, so you will know what we will be doing once we are ready to practice it.


Unitil next time bloggers! Paige.


Blog 21!

Hello bloggers, today I will be reflecting on last thursdays lesson, we were taught presentation skills and how to structure out presentation. This was extremely helpful for my because i was worrying about how to structure and add the correct information. The practicle at the end of the class where we had to do our own 5 minute presentation in our groups was extremely helpful, this is because it gave me an idea of what it is going to feel like on the day of the presentation.

Till next time, goodbye.

Blog 20! 

By: Kavita p
Hello bloggers – we are so sorry for not blogging recently! Things have got really busy and we are hoping to get back on track and fill you in! 

All of the group have done their on research on a topic, and we are just at the stages of bringing it all in and creating the slides. I personally couldn’t attend last weeks session (as it was hindu new year/Diwali) so I’ve asked Zack to post on behalf of the session. I’ve also been involved in going to London and meeting the prime minster of India! – so it’s been a few hectic weeks with parties and family gatherings. However, I’ve still be conducting research and keeping on track of university work (my group members have helped me). 

My area was “reflective practise” (which I was very happy and interested to research). I started by looking at the “codes of proficiency” to get an overall understanding of the skills needed – I found a range of skills and was amazed at the amount of detail it went into. Following from this, I have found books, journals and academic papers, which have all aided my in my research. 

As a group, we will all post detailed blogs about the reasearch we have found throughout this week! As we understand this is essential to the feedback process. 

Just a note to my group; 

Tomorrow can we all bring the printed versions of our research so we can start the slides! 

I look forward to seeing Hannah today as I need to ask her a few questions, hopefully once answered I can start! 


Blog Post 19!

Zack: Good evening bloggers, today I will be talking about something I found very interesting in social psychology. We were told about a social psychologist called Gustave Le Bon, he spoke about crowd mentality and he tried to understand why large groups of people can start to think as one and also why they can commit crimes without remorse. He says that there are three steps to this, these are:

  1. Submergence, in this step people become anonymous and they lose their sense of personal identity.
  2. Contagion, in this step people can no longer access personal standards to judge what it right or wrong and also what is and isn’t appropriate.’
  3.  Suggestion, in this step people suffer from a loss of civilized standards, Le Bon called this “Racial unconscious” this meant that in groups people would act more primitive, this meant they were much more aggressive as they were acting like primitive savages.

    Thank you for reading fellow bloggers, have a good evening. See you next time.

Blog Post 18!

Good Evening Bloggers!

Over the past few days i have been making more and more flash cards for revision material. I have been finding Bio Psychology extremely difficult and feel as though i need to talk to someone about it, someone who can explain it to me. I feel overwhelmed with all of the separate subjects but think that this is something i can add to my reflective practice.


I have been studying hard and have also done some research into Ethical practice, where i found some case studies such as Harold Shipman. Well im off to celebrate my new job now!

Until next time bloggers, Paige!


Blog post 17!

By: Kavita P

Evening bloggers,

Today is the friday before ‘Asignment week’ where all the students are off timetable from lectures. During this week as well as catching up on any note making, me and my group aim to keep you posted about the research topics we have been asigned. I cannot believe that it is already Novemeber ( in a few days ). It only seems like yesterday, when I was getting ready for uni. This term has flown by and I’m sure so will the year. Looking back on these weeks makes me really happy and nervous at the same time. I feel like I am really enjoying univeristy and finally getting into a routine. The lectures and seminars are really exciting and are totally a new experience. I find fridays to be the best day of the week, as we get to learn about ‘psychotherapy and counselling’. As a group, I also feel like we have realy gelled well and made become really good friends – which will only grow over time.

Todays lecture was about ‘Diagnostic systems’ and the labelling that goes with it. We were split into 2 groups and had to debate whether we should use them or not.  I was asigned to the ‘For’ team and actually find it quite difficult, as it went against my PERSONAL beliefs. I feel like this is a key skill ( to argue a point you do no necessarily belive in ). As a group we came to the conclusion that – The diagnostics system should be something that is quite ‘Flexible’ and should be seen as a ‘Foundation’ as to which health professionals work on. This is due to the fact that, often we find that by diagnosing someone and labelling them with a tag such as ‘Depression’ can actually have negative effects as well as positive. I hope to blog more about this in the future, when thinking of essay titles for that unit. However right now, I have to go as its my cousins birthday party tonight! 😉

During next week I aim to conduct more research into ‘ Reflective Practice’, create revision material and to enjoy the time with my family (especially my nephew). I hope everyone has a great weekend and next week is productive and relaxing.

Happy Halloween!


Blog Post 16!

Evening fellow bloggers,

So even though my day to blog is a tuesday, i had to change my day as i watched the new bond film!

Today i have been doing a lot of research into the area of study i was allocated, ‘Ethical Practice’ and i have found a few interesting studies to talk about on these few websites.


Tonight, i am also carrying on with revising and coming up with a timetable for my reflective practice as it is reading week next week. I feel that if create a timetable of when to do different subjects it will help me manage my time in my week off.

Thats it from me tonight bloggers, Goodnight, Paige! 🙂


Blog post 15!

Good evening bloggers, the other week we were told to write down a goal that we wanted to work on whilst a Uni, my goal was to work on my skills in a test environment. I personally struggle in a test environment because my mind goes blank an I can sometimes panic. So my goal is to work on this by getting advice from my tutors and even the students in my class. I have started to work on this goal by revising an hour a day looking over my notes and on the powerpoints on moodle. Another step that I have taken is to mark off on a calendar when I have revised, this is so I can physically see if I have been slacking and I can make up for lost time if I were to miss a day. I will personally know if I have reached my goal if I can remain calm in the exam and I can achieve a high result. The items that I have used to make sure that I will be successful will be my revision notes as they will help me prepare for exams and even for assignments. The reason that I want to reach this goal is so that I can make it into my second and third year and finish with a First class honors in Forensic Psychology (ambitious i know).

This has been my birthday blog 🙂 have good night and I will speak to you in the next blog, bye 🙂

by: Zack