Blog Post 24!

Dear world of blogging,

Yesterday, we had a group meeting to share all of our research and make a final plan of the presentation. This gave us all an idea as to what structure our presentation would take. As a group we decided that we would talk about each others sections to make the presentation fluid, instead of segmented.  This was harder than we expected as everyone was so passionate about their own research (which, may I add is GREAT.)

We have decided upon 4 sub sections; them being, What the subject is, Why we use the skill, how we use it, and What the issues are that arise in practice concerning the skill? However, we thought that this may make a negative impact on the readers, as we would leave them with a negative view on the key skills. We decided that we are going to end the presentation on a positive aspect to the skills.

Looking at the deadline for the presentation, we have been working to a time scale, leaving us 3 weeks to practice the presentation. Therefore, we have arranged a series of meetings to make sure the presentation is completed for the 29th November.

Until next time Bloggers! (Paige)




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