Blog Post 22!

Afternoon world of blogging,

To start of with, i am extremely sorry the blogging has become a bit in-active recently. We have been really busy with work and revision however, these past few days i have progressed a lot on the Practitioners Presentation. I have been looking into the codes of proficiency on the HCPC and BACP and found a lot of points. In the presentation, we have to include reputable references such as books and journals. Therefore, i have been looking a lot into journals on the MMU Library website and have found some really relevant and interesting ones especially about the Milgram study. However, i think that reading journals more often is something i need to include in my reflective practice, as i this will help me in my end of year exams.

As you know, we have assigned different sections such as, reflective practice and active listening; we felt that this was an effective way of getting the research collected more efficiently. We then realised that if we did it that way it might come across as 4 different powerpoint presentations (which is not good!), therefore we are having a group meeting on monday. This is so we can go through all of the information together and get a clear understanding and so that we can talk about each other’s research. We have decided instead of putting all of our information on the slides, we are going to get some cue cards and each have a copy of all the slides information so it flows better.

We have also arranged 2 meetings on monday night and wednesday so we can make sure that we are prepared for the day. I found a checklist on moodle, which will help us a lot during the preparation for presenting. I feel that if we get the presentation completed and ready to start practicing by wednesday, we will be confident on the day and the presentation will run smoothly and this will positively impact our grade. I have uploaded an image of the checklist, so you will know what we will be doing once we are ready to practice it.


Unitil next time bloggers! Paige.



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