Blog 20! 

By: Kavita p
Hello bloggers – we are so sorry for not blogging recently! Things have got really busy and we are hoping to get back on track and fill you in! 

All of the group have done their on research on a topic, and we are just at the stages of bringing it all in and creating the slides. I personally couldn’t attend last weeks session (as it was hindu new year/Diwali) so I’ve asked Zack to post on behalf of the session. I’ve also been involved in going to London and meeting the prime minster of India! – so it’s been a few hectic weeks with parties and family gatherings. However, I’ve still be conducting research and keeping on track of university work (my group members have helped me). 

My area was “reflective practise” (which I was very happy and interested to research). I started by looking at the “codes of proficiency” to get an overall understanding of the skills needed – I found a range of skills and was amazed at the amount of detail it went into. Following from this, I have found books, journals and academic papers, which have all aided my in my research. 

As a group, we will all post detailed blogs about the reasearch we have found throughout this week! As we understand this is essential to the feedback process. 

Just a note to my group; 

Tomorrow can we all bring the printed versions of our research so we can start the slides! 

I look forward to seeing Hannah today as I need to ask her a few questions, hopefully once answered I can start! 



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