Blog Post 19!

Zack: Good evening bloggers, today I will be talking about something I found very interesting in social psychology. We were told about a social psychologist called Gustave Le Bon, he spoke about crowd mentality and he tried to understand why large groups of people can start to think as one and also why they can commit crimes without remorse. He says that there are three steps to this, these are:

  1. Submergence, in this step people become anonymous and they lose their sense of personal identity.
  2. Contagion, in this step people can no longer access personal standards to judge what it right or wrong and also what is and isn’t appropriate.’
  3.  Suggestion, in this step people suffer from a loss of civilized standards, Le Bon called this “Racial unconscious” this meant that in groups people would act more primitive, this meant they were much more aggressive as they were acting like primitive savages.

    Thank you for reading fellow bloggers, have a good evening. See you next time.


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