Blog post 15!

Good evening bloggers, the other week we were told to write down a goal that we wanted to work on whilst a Uni, my goal was to work on my skills in a test environment. I personally struggle in a test environment because my mind goes blank an I can sometimes panic. So my goal is to work on this by getting advice from my tutors and even the students in my class. I have started to work on this goal by revising an hour a day looking over my notes and on the powerpoints on moodle. Another step that I have taken is to mark off on a calendar when I have revised, this is so I can physically see if I have been slacking and I can make up for lost time if I were to miss a day. I will personally know if I have reached my goal if I can remain calm in the exam and I can achieve a high result. The items that I have used to make sure that I will be successful will be my revision notes as they will help me prepare for exams and even for assignments. The reason that I want to reach this goal is so that I can make it into my second and third year and finish with a First class honors in Forensic Psychology (ambitious i know).

This has been my birthday blog 🙂 have good night and I will speak to you in the next blog, bye 🙂

by: Zack


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