Blog post 14!

Good evening bloggers,

As of right now I’m all snuggled up watching my favorite Tv show, whilst I catch up on some notes (which I happen to think is the best way to end a Monday night). I love being all organised with my little post it notes and being the big stationary nerd that I am ;). It has been fun filled night with me drinking way too much apple juice, and me using a lot of cool post it notes. IMG_4550

After our group meeting today, I feel like that we are able to discuss any issues and move on from them as a group. We have all been allocated research topics mine is confidentiality – which I am really excited to research into more in depth (I will let you know how that goes).The different research topics is moving us on to the presentation portion – which our group came up with many different ideas, however we will need to develop these ideas. In order for us to produce a high quality presentation.

The first few weeks and mmu I found to be quite overwhelming at times, as I’ve never studied psychology before. I would really like to become more confident so I will be able to put my ideas across to the rest of the group (I’m trying. I promise). Kavita is a person who I look up to for this as shes a very confident person, as she helps to bring little me out of my shell a little more. I feel that I am now getting on top of all my notes thanks to my trusty coloured pens and post it notes. 

Good night blogging world, cya soon! 🙂




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