Blog Post 13!

Afternoon world of blogging,

Today at the group meeting we decided to keep the blog alive, we would all write in the blog at least once a week. This is to keep the bloggers interested and up to date with our university journey.

We thought that it would be a good idea to start making decisions on what we are going to include in the presentation. We each assigned ourselves with one topic to research into, over the next two weeks. That should hopefully give us enough time, to find enough information and then swap with our group members – we thought swapping would help produce a variety of facts, as each person researches things in a different way. Also, this helps proof read each others research and helps peer mentoring skills – which is also important when practicing in a psychological setting.

This is our last group meeting of the term, as reading week approaches we are all excited to go and discover new areas of psychology that we have never touched upon and also have a little fun ;)!

Provisionally, the next meeting will be on the first Monday back (9th November). Look forward to keeping up with the bloggers!



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