Blog Post 10!

Good evening bloggers, by: Zack

Today in our Practitioner Knowledge And Skills lesson we looked at interviewing techniques. A method that i found interesting was the motivational interviewing style. There are four basic skills in motivational interviewing, they are referred to as OARS, this stands for:

Open-ended questions
Reflective listening
Summary statements

The use of open-ended questions means that the client cannot answer with one word answers and this allows for a richer and deeper conversation that can build empathy with the individual.
An example of a open-ended question is: “Tell me more about when this first began?”

An Affirmation is a statement that will be made by the therapist in response to what the client may have said.
An example of an affirmation is: “It’s clear that you’re really trying to change.”

Reflective listening involves listening carefully and then making a reasonable guess about what they are saying to you; in other words, it is like forming a hypothesis.
An example of reflective listening is: “It sounds like you recently became concerned about your [insert problem behavior here]”

Summaries are used to relate or link what the clients have already expressed and to move them on to another topic or have them expand on the current discussion further.

Thank you for reading and a big thank you to Kavita and Paige for showing me how to use word press 🙂



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