Blog post 8!

Afternoon Bloggers,

By: Kavita P

Today I will be attending my first ‘Course Rep’ meeting – how exciting! Before I go, I just wanted to blog about some advice that I was given by Hannah. As a team, I feel like we have really learnt to adapt to spontaneous situations. For example, I would really like to give credit to Paige for taking on the IT role (a skill I’m still learning). As we haven’t been able to meet up with Zack yet – due to the info skills workshop, he needed help with posting on the Blog. This is when Paige told him to send her the content via email so she could then post his information. This, as a team member made me feel really happy, as it showed how well we are working as a team. I strongly believe in the idea, that if something needs to be done – there always is a way. I also felt like this was a good  way to show Zack the commitment we all have.

Reflecting on another situation in the past


* Traditional Indian look for the dance competition – with my best friend / dance partner 

When I was taking part in a dance competition, I came across a few girls in the team who were struggling with the choreography. I then decided to attend 30 mins earlier to every session, this was so I could help them rehearse. Although I received recognition from the teacher, I was happier knowing that the girls had learnt the moves, so that we could all work together and start practising on the same level again. I feel like these skills are needed while working as a practitioner! Being able to do something for others, to make the whole team improve shows commitment, determination and good work ethic. As there are many different types of healthcare professionals working in a team, it is vital to be reflective of oneself to see what you can do to add to the bigger picture. It is also very important to understand your role thoroughly, to make sure you don’t stretch yourself too thin and work into someone else’s territory – as this could be harmful to both practitioner and patient.  

Anyways got to go! – don’t want to be late 😉



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