Blog Post 7!

Good evening bloggers!

So tonight i have subscribed to BPS, reread all of the powerpoints, corrected all of my notes and made many many flash cards! Tonight has been a productive night full of highlighters, sticky notes and cool coloured pens!


Speaking to the newest member of the group Zach today, i feel that we have a solid group and hopefully will be able to create a high class powerpoint presentation. However, we couldn’t have a full meeting today because we had a skills class which set us back a little but we have arranged to meet up again soon to all blog together and get started on some group research for the powerpoint.

After doing a little research myself, i came across the website Reddit/Psychology which had many interesting studies and what is even more interesting is people’s views. Most of the studies are irrelevant to any subject that we are doing and i am not sure if it could be used as an accredited source (maybe if you follow onto the websites people got the information off), but i just found it so interesting and thought that i would share it with you guys. Don’t wanna hog all of the fun stuff to myself!

Until next time bloggers, Paige!



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