Blog post 5! 

By: Kavita P

Evening bloggers, 

Today I decided to share with you some of the books I have bought to aid my learning at mmu! During last week lectures we talked about SMART goals and what we would like to achieve! Personally, I would like to improve my organisational skills on the course, so I can handle all four aspects of my course!  

Here’s a pic of some notebooks and a cute folder I found 😉 I can’t wait to write everything down with my new pens! (Yes, I’m the one obsessed with stationary – as you can tell) 

We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow (9-5), so let’s see what we learn this week! 

Cya soon!



2 thoughts on “Blog post 5! 

  1. Lovely stationary – I love a nice new notebook too! I hope that this helps you to organise your studies better.

    For a full reflective account try to think of instances where you haven’t been as organised as you’d like. Try and pinpoint the cause of this, and how it may translate to other situations in future. Have a think about the cause of any lack of organisation – is this about lack of materials, or could timekeeping or prioritization skills be involved too? A little more detail to your posts would be great!

    Thanks also for putting your name at the top of the post – very useful!

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