Blog Post 4!

Evening world of bloggers,

In the workshop today we spoke about reflective practice and how to use this to our advantages. Reflective practice is to identify areas to change and improve and Redwood et al. (1999) states that there are ten key aspects to change the element of reflective practice. Them 10 being,

1:Plan for action 2:Allocate for action 2:Strengthen for action 4:Mobilize for action 5:lead for action 6:Clarify for action 7:Cultivate for action 8:Integrate for action 9:Wire for action 10:Re-energise for action

Last week we had to meet to create this current blog, i thought this would be a good chance to reflect back to my personal experience of our teamwork during the creating of the blog.  I wasnt looking forward to it at first because i am quite a shy person and when it comes to working in a team i find it hard to voice my opinions because i am worried what people might think, however i felt that i was an active contributor to the blog which made me feel quite pleased with myself. I feel as though i have created a self-fulfilling prophecy and in this meet up i managed to overcome this just ever so slightly. To keep improving on self confidence in a team activity i am going to come prepared and maybe practice with my team friends public speaking. I have also recently made some flashcards on things i have already learnt meaning that i can keep revising which will hopefully develop my knowledge and improve my confidence. One of the team members Kavita was quite confident and took a leadership role within the team which i felt helped us a lot and i felt as though this is an aspect that both me and Megan can learn from. Megan was a little shy to begin with but after Kavita pushed her to contribute her ideas, she voiced some good aspects and points about the blog that helped us be productive. One of the points we had to include in the blog was about yourself where i included what words describe me best. I struggled with this and needed to ask people what they thought of me whereas Kavita found it quite easy to talk about herself, again it think this stems from self confidence. This is because i am quite insecure and self conscious about what people think of what i am saying and if my point will sound stupid. This is just a confidence barrier that i need to get over. This is something that i have included in my goal setting and hopefully will improve on by the time we do our presentations. Acknowledging our negative and positive aspects have really changed the way i feel towards the course already. Some of the recent lectures have felt quite daunting and as though i have been flooded with information to learn. However, even though i am yet to finish my SMART goals sheet, i have wrote a key goal and a few ways i can achieve and measure this and i feel more relaxed about my degree and the way i am going to go about it.

Until next time bloggers, Paige.



One thought on “Blog Post 4!

  1. What a great blog post! It’s good to see that your team members have different strengths to contribute, and that you are able to reflect on your own abilities and suggest actions to improve. I’m glad that you are feeling more relaxed and confident about the course.


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