Blog Post 2!

Evening world of blogging,

A week ago we had a lecture on active listening (“Repeating and paraphrasing someone’s speech in order to fully understand it without judgement”) and since then i have been practicing it in my everyday life. Honestly, i have found it quite hard to sit back and listen without giving my personal experiences. Whilst putting this into practice i have found that a lot of miscommunication happens if you do not repeat and paraphrase what people say. This will assumption and clarify what people say which is such a good this as many gossip stories that get you into trouble may start this way! I also tried things that would help me listen better such as eye contact, nodding and verbal acknowledgement. I noticed that this made people open up more and discuss things with me, probably because  they felt that i was actually listening. I am ALWAYS on my phone so i made a strict rule of NO PHONES when someone spoke to me; i felt a lot more aware of what they were saying and able to communicate with them clearly when there was no inhibitors of active listening. Until next time bloggers, Paige!



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