Blog post 17!

By: Kavita P

Evening bloggers,

Today is the friday before ‘Asignment week’ where all the students are off timetable from lectures. During this week as well as catching up on any note making, me and my group aim to keep you posted about the research topics we have been asigned. I cannot believe that it is already Novemeber ( in a few days ). It only seems like yesterday, when I was getting ready for uni. This term has flown by and I’m sure so will the year. Looking back on these weeks makes me really happy and nervous at the same time. I feel like I am really enjoying univeristy and finally getting into a routine. The lectures and seminars are really exciting and are totally a new experience. I find fridays to be the best day of the week, as we get to learn about ‘psychotherapy and counselling’. As a group, I also feel like we have realy gelled well and made become really good friends – which will only grow over time.

Todays lecture was about ‘Diagnostic systems’ and the labelling that goes with it. We were split into 2 groups and had to debate whether we should use them or not.  I was asigned to the ‘For’ team and actually find it quite difficult, as it went against my PERSONAL beliefs. I feel like this is a key skill ( to argue a point you do no necessarily belive in ). As a group we came to the conclusion that – The diagnostics system should be something that is quite ‘Flexible’ and should be seen as a ‘Foundation’ as to which health professionals work on. This is due to the fact that, often we find that by diagnosing someone and labelling them with a tag such as ‘Depression’ can actually have negative effects as well as positive. I hope to blog more about this in the future, when thinking of essay titles for that unit. However right now, I have to go as its my cousins birthday party tonight! 😉

During next week I aim to conduct more research into ‘ Reflective Practice’, create revision material and to enjoy the time with my family (especially my nephew). I hope everyone has a great weekend and next week is productive and relaxing.

Happy Halloween!



Blog Post 16!

Evening fellow bloggers,

So even though my day to blog is a tuesday, i had to change my day as i watched the new bond film!

Today i have been doing a lot of research into the area of study i was allocated, ‘Ethical Practice’ and i have found a few interesting studies to talk about on these few websites.


Tonight, i am also carrying on with revising and coming up with a timetable for my reflective practice as it is reading week next week. I feel that if create a timetable of when to do different subjects it will help me manage my time in my week off.

Thats it from me tonight bloggers, Goodnight, Paige! 🙂


Blog post 15!

Good evening bloggers, the other week we were told to write down a goal that we wanted to work on whilst a Uni, my goal was to work on my skills in a test environment. I personally struggle in a test environment because my mind goes blank an I can sometimes panic. So my goal is to work on this by getting advice from my tutors and even the students in my class. I have started to work on this goal by revising an hour a day looking over my notes and on the powerpoints on moodle. Another step that I have taken is to mark off on a calendar when I have revised, this is so I can physically see if I have been slacking and I can make up for lost time if I were to miss a day. I will personally know if I have reached my goal if I can remain calm in the exam and I can achieve a high result. The items that I have used to make sure that I will be successful will be my revision notes as they will help me prepare for exams and even for assignments. The reason that I want to reach this goal is so that I can make it into my second and third year and finish with a First class honors in Forensic Psychology (ambitious i know).

This has been my birthday blog 🙂 have good night and I will speak to you in the next blog, bye 🙂

by: Zack

Blog post 14!

Good evening bloggers,

As of right now I’m all snuggled up watching my favorite Tv show, whilst I catch up on some notes (which I happen to think is the best way to end a Monday night). I love being all organised with my little post it notes and being the big stationary nerd that I am ;). It has been fun filled night with me drinking way too much apple juice, and me using a lot of cool post it notes. IMG_4550

After our group meeting today, I feel like that we are able to discuss any issues and move on from them as a group. We have all been allocated research topics mine is confidentiality – which I am really excited to research into more in depth (I will let you know how that goes).The different research topics is moving us on to the presentation portion – which our group came up with many different ideas, however we will need to develop these ideas. In order for us to produce a high quality presentation.

The first few weeks and mmu I found to be quite overwhelming at times, as I’ve never studied psychology before. I would really like to become more confident so I will be able to put my ideas across to the rest of the group (I’m trying. I promise). Kavita is a person who I look up to for this as shes a very confident person, as she helps to bring little me out of my shell a little more. I feel that I am now getting on top of all my notes thanks to my trusty coloured pens and post it notes. 

Good night blogging world, cya soon! 🙂



Blog Post 13!

Afternoon world of blogging,

Today at the group meeting we decided to keep the blog alive, we would all write in the blog at least once a week. This is to keep the bloggers interested and up to date with our university journey.

We thought that it would be a good idea to start making decisions on what we are going to include in the presentation. We each assigned ourselves with one topic to research into, over the next two weeks. That should hopefully give us enough time, to find enough information and then swap with our group members – we thought swapping would help produce a variety of facts, as each person researches things in a different way. Also, this helps proof read each others research and helps peer mentoring skills – which is also important when practicing in a psychological setting.

This is our last group meeting of the term, as reading week approaches we are all excited to go and discover new areas of psychology that we have never touched upon and also have a little fun ;)!

Provisionally, the next meeting will be on the first Monday back (9th November). Look forward to keeping up with the bloggers!


Blog post 12! 

By Zack: 

Afternoon bloggers, just a short blog today about tomorrow’s meet up. I received an email today (by Kavita) about Mondays meeting and the agenda, so I thought I’d share it with you! 


Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and discussing about the blog and presentation. 


Blog post 11! 

By: Kavita P


Evening bloggers, hope you’re all well this Friday night! I just wanted to blog about the lesson I had today with my tutor “Julia”. The lecture was based on the “counselling and psychotherapy” route, and consisted of Role play. I actually find this exercise really interesting and enjoyable. 

This was the structure of the Role play. 

  1. We got split into pairs, where one persons was assigned the “client” and the other was the “therapist”. 
  2. Then we each got taken into separate rooms – where we were told about either therapy techniques or the illness/problem the patient was suffering from. 
  3. After 15 mins, we then went to the third floor (into the booths) and carried out the role play. 
  4. We then swapped roles and carried out the same exercise (only now the illness/problem had changed, and the therapist had the diagnostics with them)

The aim of this structure was to introduce the effects of having a diagnosis BEFORE the therapy, and to see how that would impact the therapist (in terms of the Q’s asked). 

Even though the role play only lasted 20 mins in total, I found myself reflecting on many of the skills taught during the practitioner modules. For instance, during the therapy I was practicing “active listening” while paraphrasing back to the client. An example would be “so from what you are telling me, it seems you feel very anxious about meeting new people”. It was really interesting to use the skills we have learnt. I also feel really happy that we got a taste of what therapy would be like – as I see this as a career option for the future. Additionally, it’s nice to see that the units we are taught overlap and that we can transfer skills from one lecture to another.

During the role play other skills we spoke about were also present such as; 

  • Reflective practice – during the summary and reflective task at the end 
  • Empathy – during the therapy, when trying to understand the clients way of dealing with death
  • Objectivity – during therapy, when the therapist had no prior knowledge of the patients history  
  • Time management – during therapy, when the therapist had 10 mins to structure the therapy (using clocks to keep track and giving a “two minute” warning.  

Overall it was a great experience 🙂 Hope you have a good weekend! 

Blog Post 10!

Good evening bloggers, by: Zack

Today in our Practitioner Knowledge And Skills lesson we looked at interviewing techniques. A method that i found interesting was the motivational interviewing style. There are four basic skills in motivational interviewing, they are referred to as OARS, this stands for:

Open-ended questions
Reflective listening
Summary statements

The use of open-ended questions means that the client cannot answer with one word answers and this allows for a richer and deeper conversation that can build empathy with the individual.
An example of a open-ended question is: “Tell me more about when this first began?”

An Affirmation is a statement that will be made by the therapist in response to what the client may have said.
An example of an affirmation is: “It’s clear that you’re really trying to change.”

Reflective listening involves listening carefully and then making a reasonable guess about what they are saying to you; in other words, it is like forming a hypothesis.
An example of reflective listening is: “It sounds like you recently became concerned about your [insert problem behavior here]”

Summaries are used to relate or link what the clients have already expressed and to move them on to another topic or have them expand on the current discussion further.

Thank you for reading and a big thank you to Kavita and Paige for showing me how to use word press 🙂


Blog post 9!

Hello Bloggers!

By: Zack, Paige and Kavita

We have just had a quick meet up after the ‘practitioners knowledge’ lecture. Just so we can introduce him to the blog – surprisingly its me (Kavita) who is showing him the whereabouts! I guess I’m getting better at this 😉

Today lectures was very interesting, we had a new lecturer ‘Tami’. It was really nice to meet her and see her way of teaching. We jotted down A LOT of notes – which is always good. The topic of the lecture was about ‘Interviews’ and the different skills needed to conduct one. Later on this evening Zack will aim to get his first post up and running about that.


Blog post 8!

Afternoon Bloggers,

By: Kavita P

Today I will be attending my first ‘Course Rep’ meeting – how exciting! Before I go, I just wanted to blog about some advice that I was given by Hannah. As a team, I feel like we have really learnt to adapt to spontaneous situations. For example, I would really like to give credit to Paige for taking on the IT role (a skill I’m still learning). As we haven’t been able to meet up with Zack yet – due to the info skills workshop, he needed help with posting on the Blog. This is when Paige told him to send her the content via email so she could then post his information. This, as a team member made me feel really happy, as it showed how well we are working as a team. I strongly believe in the idea, that if something needs to be done – there always is a way. I also felt like this was a good  way to show Zack the commitment we all have.

Reflecting on another situation in the past


* Traditional Indian look for the dance competition – with my best friend / dance partner 

When I was taking part in a dance competition, I came across a few girls in the team who were struggling with the choreography. I then decided to attend 30 mins earlier to every session, this was so I could help them rehearse. Although I received recognition from the teacher, I was happier knowing that the girls had learnt the moves, so that we could all work together and start practising on the same level again. I feel like these skills are needed while working as a practitioner! Being able to do something for others, to make the whole team improve shows commitment, determination and good work ethic. As there are many different types of healthcare professionals working in a team, it is vital to be reflective of oneself to see what you can do to add to the bigger picture. It is also very important to understand your role thoroughly, to make sure you don’t stretch yourself too thin and work into someone else’s territory – as this could be harmful to both practitioner and patient.  

Anyways got to go! – don’t want to be late 😉