Welcome to our ‘Psycho10Gy’ Blog!

If you are wondering why we chose this name, it is because we are Group 10 of the ‘practitioner knowledge and skills’ module at Manchester Metropolitan University. We are a mixture of Forensic Psychology and Psychology with Counselling and Psychotherapy students. However, what ties us all together is the fact that we are all on a practitioner based course. Which will mean we will all get to practice our skills on a day to day basis in a variety of settings. Being first year students we are all very excited to learn new skills and make new friends along the way. Blogging is a new phenomena to us, so please bare with us why we blog our way through our first year. We look forward to entertaining you all!

This blog aims to:

  • Share our journey through the first year as an undergraduate student with you
  • Update you about any interesting psychology news that we find
  • Post about our lectures and discuss what we have all learnt
  • Record our planning stages of the group presentation

There are five members in this blog Kavita, Megan, Paige, Zachary and Adam. Each of us aim to blog once a week meaning we will have 5 days of blogging a week!

As first time bloggers, we all hope you enjoy reading our posts and learn something new each day,



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dr Sarah Parry

    Hello Psycho10Gy! Great name and fabulous start to the blog! Really nice to see how you hope to use this space. With learning in mind, maybe you could consider this question at the beginning of your training journey: “By the end of year one, I will know this course has been helpful if…….”

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